Which stakes ?

The data of your customers and prospects can come from different internal systems, or be multiple within your base, due to the different collection channels that have been set up. 

This dissemination of information does not allow you to have a unified vision of your customers and prospects, and generates operational difficulties and has direct impacts on your communication campaigns: 

- Sending duplicate messages. 

- Pollution of your databases with multiple contacts. 

- Dispersal of information within your internal systems.

Our Solutions

This phase necessarily follows postal standardization and data standardization. 

Its purpose is to compare data coming from one same source, or from several sources. 

Different levels of deduplication, depending of the intended purpose : 

- B2C: Deduplication based on household level or on individual level.

- B2B: deduplication based on company level, or contact level.

For an identified family of duplicates, it is possible to determine the "master" record to be kept according to your own criteria, such as recency, collection channel, turnover, etc..

This "Golden Record" may be then enriched with information contained in the other records present in his group/family. 

An asset for your data

It's an essential processing for : 

- maintaining a positive brand image by managing marketing pressure and not sending the same message to the recipient multiple times.

Reduce mailing costs during a marketing campaign and control your budget.

- have a global vision of your customers by grouping / merging the information in your databases for a unique information (Master Data management) 

optimize customer management for multi-channel operations

- allow better enrichment for improved customer knowledge and cross-selling optimization.

Geographical scope


International (240+ countries worldwide)

Management of local alphabets (Japanese, Cyrillic, Korean, etc. ...)


Service bureau / One shot mode

Saas : automated processing in batch mode

Transactional mode / web serviceLicence to be installed directly in your systems


  • Postal cleansing
  • Gender appending, phone and fax number reformatting of telephone/fax numbers, email syntax validation.
  • Black lists / do-not-mail lists
  • Movers identification
  • B2B & B2C data appending
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