Which stakes ?

Today, the convergence of direct marketing channels brings new methods and tools to digital, allowing more precise and therefore more relevant targeting: websites, social networks, emailings, mailings... are at the heart of your digital marketing. 

The improvement of data collection at the source and the optimization of data management within the different internal tools of the company represent one of the major objectives.

This allows, subsequently, an optimal use of this information for customer knowledge and multi-source and multi-channel marketing campaigns, respecting the current legal framework of the RGPD.


Our Solutions
In a context where speed and customer experience are essential for a lasting relationship between consumer and brand, we offer solutions that allow you to enrich and make your data relevant, an important factor in good digital communication:

- Verification of the email address
- Auto-completion of data capture forms for a better user experience
- Managing campaigns and message deliverability
– Display
– Retargeting

This 360° approach of communication and data management allows you to set up preventive solutions to benefit from optimized data, and a better use of the latter during your multi-channel campaigns, in France and worldwide.

Geographical scope

Service bureau / One shot mode
Saas : automated processing in batch mode
Transactional mode / web service
Licence on premise


  • Postal cleansing
  • Gender appending, phone and fax number reformatting of telephone/fax numbers, email syntax validation.
  • Deduplication 
  • Black lists / do-not-mail lists
  • Movers identification
  • List Broking B2B & B2C
  • B2B & B2C data appending
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