Getting to better know your customers and prospects in order to adapt your multi-channel marketing campaigns to strengthen the relationship, optimise your data targeting by selecting the best profiles and the most suitable channel, these are the benefits of B2B.

Which stakes ?

Your data may be fragmented, poorly populated or even obsolete due to an outdated update.

This inaccurate qualification of your databases leads to poor segmentation and the deployment of less effective marketing campaigns.

Our Solutions

Coverage: more than 22 countries in Europe

Official sources of local business registers

An asset for your data

Optimization of data management, with improved quality and better qualification thanks to the available enhancements, in order to implement them in your strategy.

Marketing optimization: Targeting potential customers.

Optimizing the analysis of the responses to your campaigns more into detail, by determining the key success factors, in order to deploy them into your future campaigns.

Optimization of profiling, by understanding who your customers are, their buying behavior.

This will allow you to determine the characteristics of your core target and find the clones of your customers.

Geographical scope


More than 20 countries in Europe (see our terms and conditions)


Service bureau / One shot mode

Saas : automated processing in batch mode

Transactional mode / web service


  • Postal cleansing
  • Gender appending, phone and fax number reformatting of telephone/fax numbers, email syntax validation.
  • Deduplication 
  • Black lists / do-not-mail lists
  • Movers identification
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