Getting to better know your customers and prospects in order to adapt your multi-channel marketing campaigns to strengthen the relationship, optimise your data targeting by selecting the best profiles and the most suitable channel, these are the benefits of B2C.

Which stakes ?

Collecting, managing and updating data is becoming essential to enable companies to exploit with ease the increasing flow of collected data.

Appending processes will enable you to make effective decisions to interact with your customers, have a unified view of them and increase your communication performance while optimizing the associated costs.

Our Solutions

This profiling is carried out by using a segmentation system linking the address to demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle information.

The sources are coming from national local censuses, official registers, as well as some additional behavioural bases for certain variables.

An asset for your data

This approach allows you to optimize the relationship with your customers, by understanding who they are, where they live and how they live.

Vos campagnes de marketing direct sont optimisées grâce à une meilleure connaissance de vos clients et de votre cœur de cible

Planning of marketing actions based on the most complete possible data :

- Improving acquisition rates and reducing costs
- Identifying cross-selling opportunities and increasing retention
- Communication strategies and the creation of a strong and profitable customer relationship (ROI)
- Have a clear view of online and offline customers
- Understanding of catchment areas
- Identification of new sites
– Benchmark

Geographical scope


More than 45 countries in the world


Service bureau / One shot mode

Saas : automated processing in batch mode

Transactional mode / web service


  • Postal cleansing
  • Gender appending, phone and fax number reformatting of telephone/fax numbers, email syntax validation.
  • Deduplication 
  • Black lists / do-not-mail lists
  • Movers identification
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